Contemporary Romance Plot Package

Romance is the #1 Money Spinner, And Great Characters & Plots Are the Driving Force of Every Successful Series...

So Here's What We've Got...

• 5 In Depth Contemporary Romance Plots Written in a Series

• In Depth Character Studies For Each of the Books

• Each book is interconnected but can be read stand alone, and in any order.

• Tips and Keys To Make Them Uniquely Your Own


From the desk of David Lee Martin,

"After my last Plot Package with Peter McQueeny I have had so many requests for another one.

I spoke with Peter, the force behind these amazing pre-made plot packs, and he promised to deliver a top notch romance series, so I was delighted. 

It took longer than expected for a few reasons. Number 1 - Peter is never happy to put anything out that is not the best! Number 2 - Peter is actually a writer, developing his own books and stories. He is right there in the trenches alongside you; always working, always learning. Taken together, these two things ensure that you receive something far more than a hastily thrown together collection of scanty outlines.

Instead, you receive genuine plots and sketches that would be the envy of any fiction writer.

As before, the plots are original, something never seen before; they have gripping plot lines to pull readers into the next installment in the series, and it is a package of absolute excellence - only the best would do.

I promise you, if you know anything about plotting and character development, you will not be disappointed.

This is a completely original romance series packed with inspiration, ready to be transformed into multiple bestsellers across several potential romance genres. With your creative touch, anything is possible.

Ready For Some Romance?

This Is For You If...

  • You want to create a compelling series of thrilling books, but struggle to find the right plots to ensure your success.
  • You want to cash in on the huge romantic fiction market, and stand out from the crowd with top quality books that readers will love.
  • You are tired of medicore books and pre-made plots that don't quite live up to their promises.
  • You are ready to leverage the incredible creative talents of others to reach your publishing goals.
  • You are prepared to invest the time required to make these detailed plots your own, or to pay your ghost writers to do this for you.

Let The Bestseller Lists Fall In Love With You

4 Young Ladies, One Amazing Story

Thrilling, Challenging, Heart Warming, Inspiring, Passionate


Books 1-4

Each sister goes through her own love story. All four stories are happening simultaneously, so they can be read in any order. Each book will satisfy readers, yet still drive them to buy all of the others in the series. With a few changes, there are all sorts of ways the stories can be shaped with your own unique spin. Change their names, their race, their background. With the detailed character studies you will immediately see how each protagonist can be changed up to suit your own ideas and target market.

Book 5

This plot pulls all of the strings together in a hilarious romantic conclusion. Again, ready and waiting for you to put your creative hands on and fit to your specific romance sub-genre.

5 x Extremely Detailed Plot Outlines

Each follow a clear Four Act structure, and are packed with all of the drama and romance any reader could wish for.​


9 Super Detailed Character Sketches For All Main Characters

Each Character comes with their own detailed portfolio of information pertinent to the story, or potentially useful as you continue to shape your own versions of events.

These sheets are a lesson in themselves, and a real insight into professional character development and research.

Get instant access to our pre-made plot CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE SERIES now!

Instant access to all 5 detailed pre-made plots and character sketches, ready to use out-of-the-box to turn into your own unique in demand fiction series.

Pack a Punch Contemporary Romance Plot Package

Our Plots - Your Potential

Each plot in the series is detailed in four acts, with blow-by-blow scenes building the action, romance and conflict.

Each plot and character can easily be adapted into your own original ideas.

The scope for these plots is incredible. 

"What You Get" 

  • 5 Detailed Plots.
  • Detailed character sketches for all main characters.
  • Tips on how to use the pre-made plots and turn them into your own unique creations.


Pack-A Punch Plots Bespoke Story Builder

Want some direction on how these plots were built, and how best to make them uniquely your own? Of course you do, and we want to ensure you get the most from your purchase too!

The Bespoke Story Builder report details all of the elements used in the plots, and gives direction and suggestions how you can put your unique creative stamp on each and every one of them.

And this is not just a change the names and places kind of thing - the Bespoke Story Builder is a concentrated education in professional plotting by a master of the art.


Pack a Punch Contemporary Romance Plot Package

Meet The Team

Dedicated To Your Self-Publishing Success

David Lee Martin
Online Publisher & Entrepreneur

Peter McQueeny
Fiction Writer &
Pack-A-Punch Plot Master Craftsman

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