WARNING: If Ordinary Is What You Want This Is Not The Pre-Made Plot Series For You.

Are You Daring Enough To Take This Fiery, Action-Packed, Completely Original Supernatural Thriller Series And Make It Your Own?


From the desk of David Lee Martin,

"Ok, I've got to tell you, right now I am completely blown away!

A few short months ago I spoke with one of my favorite indie writers, one I have been working with for a few years (and whom I consider a massively talented friend). 

I told him that there must be a way to get this raw imaginative talent out in the wild to a hungry audience of fellow writers and creative pioneers.

I pitched the idea of an original plot package that others could take and shape into their own unique hard hitting story series.

I specified just a few essentials - it had t be original, something never seen before; it had to have gripping cliffhangers to pull readers into the next installment in the series; and it had to be a package of absolute excellence - only the best would do.

As I write this, I have just read through the results of that conversation.

I promise you, you have NEVER seen anything like this is a pre-made plot package!

This is a completely original series pulling together mystery, horror, paranormal, detective and inspirational themes in a fast-paced narrative that will leave you gagging for more - and that is just the outlines!

Like I said in my opening - I am blown away!

  • Hard hitting storylines (I mean it - Pack-A-Punch does not even begin to describe)
  • Gritty hands dirty characters your readers will love (no vanilla cutouts here)
  • Plot twists and turns that will leave you breathless. The outlines alone are enough to keep you on the edge of your seat - I can only imagine what you will make of them as you add your own creativity to the mix!

This particular theme package, the first we have produced is oozing with creative possibilities:

  • Strong themes that run throughout this original series would appeal to fans of many genres - detective, mystery, thriller, paranormal, supernatural, inspirational, and horror
  • 5 incredibly detailed plot outlines in a gripping series.
  • Character sheet for the main characters in the series.

I have never seen a pre-made plot series like it - seriously, if you have guts enough, pick it up for yourself and see what I mean!

Supernatural Stories Sell - And You Can Create Your Own Using Our Powerful Pack-A-Punch Plot Series.

This Is For You If...

  • You want to create a compelling series of thrilling books, but struggle to find the right plots to ensure your success.
  • You want to cash in on the huge fiction market, and stand out from the crowd with top quality books that readers will love.
  • You are tired of medicore books and pre-made plots that don't quite live up to their promises.
  • You are ready to leverage the incredible creative talents of others to reach your publishing goals.
  • You are prepared to invest the time required to make these detailed plots your own, or to pay your ghost writers to do this for you.

Punch Your Way Into The Bestseller Lists!

Series 1

The Harrison Mitchell
Paranormal Thriller Series

Hard Hitting, Original, Fast Paced, Supernatural DetectiveThriller Series


Get instant access to our pre-made plot PARANORMAL DETECTIVE THRILLER SERIES now!

Instant access to all 5 detailed pre-made plots and character sketches, ready to use out-of-the-box to turn into your own unique in demand fiction series.

Pack A Punch Paranormal Detective Plot Package

Our Plots - Your Potential

Each plot in the series is detailed in four acts, with blow-by-blow scenes building the action, mystery and tension.

Each plot and character can easily be adapted into your own original ideas.

The scope for these plots is incredible. Just a few potential avenues waiting to be explored include... 

  • ​Turn them into a carefully crafted Christian supernatural thriller series.
  • Transform them into a full blown paranormal horror series.
  • Emphasize the grit, intrigue and mystery and make the series a hard boiled classic.

I know a good, well-constructed plot when I see one, and this series definitely delivers. 

I can recommend these plots without hesitation.

"I was impressed...You've done a great job at combining two (or three) popular sub-genres with some unique twists.

What impressed me the most was how the plots are structured. This is the first time I've seen pre-written plots that actually GET (and clearly indicate) the key plot points in any (and every) successful novel or screenplay. And, you're using notations that will be familiar -- and enormously helpful -- to anyone familiar with professional plotting standards.

In fact, as lessons in precision plotting, these plots are great teaching tools.

Your series weaves a complex, gritty story mixing suspense, paranormal, and police procedural mystery elements. Often, I was reminded of "Da Vinci Code" in the story's style, with hard-hitting suspense elements that will appeal to fans of crime drama and intrigue.

I like it that the books connect, so readers will have a sense of continuity in the series arc -- and be eager for the next book in the series -- but each book is a complete story in itself.

Because the plots are very detailed, writers will need to change many elements in each story. However, the labels you've given each major scene will help authors understand the kind of changes to make.

In other words, you've equipped them with the tools and resources they'll use, so it's not just a case of "change the Joe/cop character to Mary/private investigator."

I know a good, well-constructed plot when I see one, and this series definitely delivers. I know I can recommend these plots without hesitation.”


Eibhlin Morey MacIntosh, Author

"What You Get" 

  • 5 Detailed Plots.
  • Character sketches for main characters.
  • Tips on how to use the pre-made plots and turn them into your own unique creations.
Pack A Punch Paranormal Detective Plot Package


Pack-A Punch Plots Bespoke Story Builder

Want some direction on how these plots were built, and how best to make them uniquely your own? Of course you do, and we want to ensure you get the most from your purchase too!

The Bespoke Story Builder report details all of the elements used in the plots, and gives direction and suggestions how you can put your unique creative stamp on each and every one of them.

And this is not just a change the names and places kind of thing - the Bespoke Story Builder is a concentrated education in professional plotting by a master of the art.


Meet The Team

Dedicated To Your Self-Publishing Success

David Lee Martin
Online Publisher & Entrepreneur

Peter McQueeny
Fiction Writer &
Pack-A-Punch Plot Master Craftsman

Pack A Punch Paranormal Detective Plot Package

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